How To Access The Dark Web On Phone

Without visible links, these pages are more hidden for various reasons. There are online repositories that include reliable dark web websites and keep the lists up to date. You can also search for dark web sites via specific search engines made for the dark web, like Ahmia, Torch, and DuckDuckGo. The dark web is an unregulated and popular environment for illegal activity.

how to access the dark web on phone

These frameworks are notorious for being probed and exploited by malicious parties. Since you are traveling through a network filled with said threats, you’ll want to avoid this risk. Fear of malware infection is significantly higher in the lawless territory that is the dark web.

Can I access the dark web with a free VPN?

As long as there’s a demand for the ability to privately browse the internet and, more importantly, host websites anonymously, the deep web will exist. Due to its decentralized structure, there is no real way to “shut down” the deep net, just like you can’t really shut down the regular internet. The Silk Road was a marketplace on the dark web that launched in 2011, where you could purchase all sorts of illegal goods. The vast majority of transactions consisted of illegal drugs, but you could also find weapons, personal information, child pornography and stolen credit card details. Allegedly, it was also possible to hire hit men on the site, though it’s never been proven that any of these contracts were actually fulfilled. This is the main way that search engines become aware of a certain website or web page, and is generally how sites like Google add web pages to their index.

  • It’s also important to note that smartphones, in general, aren’t the most privacy-friendly devices and the Android operating system does have plenty of vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
  • You might be tempted to access your personal information on the deep web on an unprotected public Wi-Fi network.
  • Leading antivirus scanners will also warn you about potentially dangerous websites and help keep you safe overall.
  • If you decide that it’s not for you, you’re entitled to a full refund when you claim it within 30 days.

However, before we dive in, let’s take a closer look at what the dark web actually is. is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. What’s more, you should always use a VPN with Tor to protect yourself from IP leaks. I also recommend using an antivirus to protect your device from malware infections. Yes, but you need to be cautiousbecause there are many malicious sites on the dark web.

Keep your data in the dark — and off the dark web

The WWW Virtual Library– The original index of the web, but more of a directory than a search engine. NordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for the dark web with no restrictions for a month—great if you want to try this no-log provider’s Onion over VPN servers for yourself. Officially, the Tor Browser is only available on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux.

how to access the dark web on phone

Research the sites you plan to make purchases through ahead of time. Instead of using your actual email address, sign up for a different one you can use solely for your dark web activity. You can even get an encrypted email address — for example, through ProtonMail. Although it has multiple subscription plans, I found the long-term plans to be more affordable.

The data speaks for itself

The basic code of the browser is actually based on Mozilla’s Firefox browser, so anyone who has spent time with that classic browser will be well at home here. There are many dark web sites dedicated to illegal porn, which contain a wide variety of banned content. You could break the laws in your country by accidentally downloading or watching these videos. A botnet is a network of internet-connected devices that usually get infected with malware without the knowledge of their owners. The attacker in control of the botnet can exploit the devices to facilitate DDoS attacks, spread viruses, or phish for personal information.

how to access the dark web on phone

So, quickly change your Android or iPhone settings to limit exposure to such applications. Even if your username and password are already on the dark web, MFA ensures that no one else gains access to your accounts. MFA can take the form of an authenticator app, email, facial recognition, fingerprint, push notifications, or SMS. However, email and text message MFAs are the least secure of all these options.

While it’s infamous for drug-slinging and other criminal elements, it also serves as a hub for all kinds of valuable anonymous activity — such as secretive journalism and whistleblowing. The USP here is that users can use it to anonymously host IPv4 and IPv6 services. As it utilises a similar layout and aesthetic to Google, Candle is often seen as one of the most approachable dark web search engines. However, even the dark web is just a small part of a much larger animal – the deep web. The Onion Browser will allow you to visit the dark web’s .onion domains on your iPhone.