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That’s why MyPwd targets password protection and tells you if your passwords have been compromised. Aura accounts for this risk by monitoring transfers of your home title. Aura will also let you know if they find another party using your SSN or other sensitive information online. This includes anyone using your ID to open new accounts or lines of credit. Aura’s all-in-one digital wellness solution includes Dark Web Monitoring, Credit Alerts, Account Monitoring, and more. Aura’s family plan is also a top rated solution for protecting your children and loved ones from identity fraud.

Like DuckDuckGo, is a surface web search engine that’s compatible with Tor. Classified government data, sensitive health records, email accounts, and personal banking portals are all part of the deep web. Unlike the majority of the deep web, it’s not regulated by any business, organization, or government, and can only be accessed via special tools, like the Tor browser. If you’ve confirmed that your personal information is leaked on the Dark Web, you have an elevated risk of identity theft and financial fraud. Details for credit cards carrying a balance up to $1,000 cost $150 on average, while stolen online banking login details (for an account with a balance of at least $100) go for just $40. Some use the Tor Project and Freenet as synonyms for the Dark Web, but that’s incorrect.

search the dark web

These could be public or private files, like those from government entities or private educational institutions. Open media websites and news siteslike those affiliated with blogs, newspapers, magazines, and other publications. An example would be the home page of a newspaper like The New York Times or a media company like BuzzFeed.

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The remainder of the internet is what’s below the surface. You have a way to sign up for things and also pay for them – but do you know who and where to buy from? However, Tor is not the only browser you can use to access the Dark Web. With the right configuration and setup, we can also use Firefox, Opera, or Whonix to access the Dark Web. A VPN can help disguise your use of Tor and visits to dark web resources. According to Kela’s 2022Threat Intelligence report, 48% of organizations have no documented dark web threat intelligence policy in place, despite the obvious danger.

  • In other words, it doesn’t collect or share any of your personal information.
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  • You can read all about this in our article on safe public Wi-Fi use.
  • Some engines, like Dogpile, will even show deep web search results, but most of these types of engines have been acquired by bigger entities and are shut down or are defunct.

Just like in the old days of the internet, the dark web maintains numerous indexes of sites, like The Hidden Wiki. Unlike Ahmia and Haystak, however, DuckDuckGo doesn’t search .onion sites. Use it to search the normal internet from the privacy of your Tor Browser.

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The BBC has made a special Tor mirror of its news website, which is available on the dark web. The goal is to offer people a way to anonymously access the BBC website without restrictions, regardless of where they live. At the moment, monitors around 50 websites, including many of the ones mentioned here. This is not an overly impressive number, but most of the popular sites are covered. Using Tor means your ISP won’t be able to see the sites you visit, but they will be able to see you accessed Tor. By connecting to a trusted VPN first and then using Tor, your connection to the Tor network will be entirely hidden from your ISP or other prying eyes.

search the dark web

You can cancel your subscription at or by contacting Member Services & Support. The deep web and the dark web both offer a degree of privacy and anonymity. Tor is known for providing online anonymity, so it can be effective for sharing sensitive information with family or reporting corruption or abuse. Getting to the dark web is actually a lot easier than you might think.

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Connecting to the Tor network might raise eyebrows depending on who and where you are. Although data sent through Tor can’t be tracked or decrypted, your internet service provider and network administrator can still see that you’re using Tor. The VPN’s encryption will hide the fact that you’re using Tor from your ISP.

search the dark web

The site operates without any tracking or javascript shenanigans. Ahmia is another secure search engine you can use on the dark web. It helps the users of the Tor Anonymity Network discover different useful websites on the dark web.

This gives you another layer of privacy and is a widely used method known as ‘Tor over VPN’. For an additional layer of privacy, make sure you use one of the top server locations to connect to using your VPN. When you connect to the internet using Tor, your data goes through multiple phases of encryption before it’s directed through a random series of servers called ‘nodes’. On the surface, dark websites look pretty much like any other. They contain text and images, clickable content, site navigation buttons and so on.

You can also join threads and discussions just like on Reddit. You can follow, react to and join discussions without revealing your identity. By using the dark web version of Facebook, people can attempt to stay anonymous and speak freely.

This type of multi-layer encryption means each node, or server in the chain, knows which server your data came from and which server to send it to next. Discover how to boost your cybersecurity program by uncovering relevant, timely, and actionable insights with dark web Threat Intelligence. The dark web provides a forum for cybercriminals to discuss vulnerabilities that have not been ethically reported or for which patches are not widely available or used. Discussions can include information on how a vulnerability works, potential exploits, and the use of the vulnerability in various cyberattack campaigns.